The dress can show a woman's gentle curve. No matter what kind of body you are will be in the street window to find your dress, because it is only for you born. Each needle in every dress of the dress is woven with pretty myths, woven with women's beautiful fantasy. It's not only became a female patent, but also become a civilization, a cultural embodiment.

Skirt and skin color:

If the skin is white, ruddy young girl, with a light yellow or yellow dress with, can receive a good aesthetic effect. If the skin is thicker and darker, wear a thicker yellow or yellowish green with gray tone. In general, only white skirts and any color can be equipped with.

Skirt and body:

Thin body - skirt color is easy to use light, so thin and full of some. Shape more obese people - should wear dark skirt, dark and have a sense of contraction, giving the visual relatively small. Wide shoulders of people - choose the same tone or upper body shallow upper body deep skirt; short legs, low waist, choose to wear a uniform tone of the skirt. Thighs and buttocks small people, choose slightly dark dress as well. Round face type - the choice of dark dark skirt material.

Black is the best weapon is thin, long skirt is the best weapon to highlight the long legs, black dress perfect combination makes you a high thin beauty girls have no problem, chiffon chiffon skirt summer wear is cool one summer.

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